The music of GUTRICYDE fuses together 3 decades of instrumental talent in the Death Metal genre. Hailing from the great state of Texas, the stylings of GUTRICYDE resemble that of the early 90's era and incubation of brutal mosh pit churning grind. The first release "Devoured By Swine" is a 4 song demo that will be available January 2021. The theme is based on human predator's being the swine of the world, masterfully devouring the human race right under our noses VIA child sex trafficking, mass murderers, viral outbreaks, political corruption and a touch of necrophilia. 

 With the addition of Lance White formerly of Gruesome Fate and Blastwound coming in on bass guitar and vocals, as well as the addition of guitarist Bill Davis, chaotic melodies of the guttural nature are festering