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BIO: Gutricyde was initially brought to life by Bret Smith, an original member of the 90's era Texas Death Metal band; Embalmed. Starting out as a one man Death Metal Project in 2019, the project has evolved. As of 2022 with a recent lineup change, Gutricyde is currently a 4 piece group consisting of Bret Smith on guitar, vocals and programing, Lance White, formerly of Gruesome Fate and Blast Wound on guitar and vocals, Dave Tillery formerly of Embalmed, Gruesome Fate and an active front man for Comorbidity, as well as stage theatrics mascot Ray "Gutty" Mora (A.K.A - The Butcher) . The one-man band idea originally started due to the lack of musicians in the east Texas area that wanted to play Death Metal, which leads us to the percussion section by way of using a virtual drum rig with drum samples. Quite a few established bands have taken the virtual drum route and have been successful, so why not give it a shot? Converting a room in a home into a small recording studio in Fate, Texas, the writing process began to flow. Once a good foundation was built along with some of the first demo tracks released in January 2021, the project gained the attention from some local promoters through social media and they started getting offers to open some shows. Through 2021 Gutricyde has written 13 new tracks, 11 of which are featured on a full length EP self titled "Gutricyde", released on Corpse Gristle Records 

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Bret Smith





Dave Tillery

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GUTRICYDE's full length EP released February 2022

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